The cure for the common musician website.

Whiz-Bang won’t leave you feeling woozy. Developed for musicians from the ground-up with all the ingredients to make bands, fans and promoters happy, each custom-crafted site will leave you feeling good at only $399.

Here’s a sample of one of our freakin’ gorgeous Whiz-Bang sites.

With Whiz-Bang you will never, drag, drop, edit, crop, update, upload, yell, curse or cry.

We will.

We are in business so you can get back to your business of making great music. Every detail of your Whiz-Bang site is fully-managed by our team: text edits, photo uploads, social media feeds—you name it. We’ve got your back.

Choose from one of our 4 dosage plans to keep your site in perfect health.


 Finally, you can get some sleep knowing your site is in good hands.

Rest easy with the assurance that every update, upgrade, and backup of your site is being taken care of. Gone are the fret-filled nights of wondering, hoping, and praying that everything we still be in good working order in the morning. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

See the ingredients that make the Whiz-Bang remedy one-of-a kind.

Side Effects


You will find relief from website woes. Guaranteed.

Release yourself from the burden of designing and managing your website. Whiz-Bang is absolutely zero-hassle for you. We handle everything. No drag, drop, edit, crop, login, password, plugins or updates. Need a word or two changed on the site? Just email us. Need an image added? Just email us. New tour date? Congrats! Just email us. Focus your time on producing better music instead of juggling websites.

See our crazy-long list of features

Fans may experience frenzied fits of adoration.

With Whiz-Bang’s perfectly responsive one-page design, your on-the-go fans get quick access to music, merch, video, tour dates, social media feeds, Instagram photos—everything all in the matter of one scroll. You’ll see that it also converts nicely into an app-like design for even quicker access on mobile devices. It’s as beautiful as it is functional.

See what the fuss is all about.

Industry folks will sit up and take notice.

Whiz-Bang lulls them out of the doldrums of seeing yet another boring site. Our one-page wonder ensures that your most vital information—playlist, photo, videos and schedule—is available at the drop of a hat. Why make promoters wade through pages of content. Whiz-Bang ensures they see and hear you without delay or interruption. It’s the perfect tool for making first contacts.


Formulated for Success


Everything you want. But, nothing more.


Affordable Care.


Let’s have a brief chat about you, your brand and what it is you want the world to know about you. Then, we’ll custom-design your Whiz-Bang site for a one-time design fee of $399.

Next, you’ll choose a monthly service plan. Ah, Whiz-Bang is good medicine.

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